Dayton weather warms, engines roar and tires spin in the car community


After a long road of uncertainty with the rise of COVID-19, many events have had to change the way they operate. Many have shut down or limited the number of guests allowed to attend the events. But even a global pandemic can’t stop the massive number of car enthusiasts who band together over their love of cars. This is the car community. 

“More than 7.9 million young people customize, modify, or upgrade their vehicles every year,” according to SEMA (Specialty Equipment Marketing Association) Director-Market Research Gavin Knapp. With a large number like that, there’s always more than a few modified cars in the area. 

 As the weather warms, car owners everywhere begin to bring out their prized cars from winter storage to show them off on city streets, at car meets or at the drag strip. Cars line up and prep their engines and tires patiently waiting for the light to turn green … Then off they go hitting speeds from 90 to over 100 in a quarter mile. 

Car meets happen almost every week, with a few in Dayton being “Obsessive Auto Group”, “Slyte”, “The Prestige”, “Suicide Garage”, “Cars and Coffeeamong many others as the season progresses. There is always a chance to take part in showing off cars and seeing other people’s hard work.

While those happen every week, another very anticipated event is the opening of Kil-Kare Raceway in Xenia. Thousands attend each season with the raceway allowing anyone to come out for pleasure, to watch cars, test their own projects, drift or just to have a good time socializing. 

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