Fairmont to host Prom, guidelines and protocols coming soon


Photo: Kaylee Anstaett

Students dance and mingle at Fairmont’s 2017 prom event in the Trent Arena.

On Thursday, March 11, 2021 during 9th period, Building Principal Tyler Alexander announced that Fairmont would host it’s annual prom event this spring.

This announcement comes as the Kettering Community reflects on the past  year of COVID, restrictions and virtual learning.

One year ago, both students and teachers left their buildings with little knowledge of what the next 12 months would look like.

The class of 2020 did not have prom … Or spring sports or graduation. With a decrease in cases, vaccine rollouts and new guidelines, administration and staff are hopeful for a 2021 prom and after prom.

The Public Health Department of Dayton and Montgomery County released “Prom Guidance” as of March 9. However, like many things in the COVID era, this guidance is subject to change.

According to Alexander, Fairmont’s Prom is set to take place on Saturday, April 24. If the guidelines were to change, Prom could be cancelled at any point.

More information about Fairmont’s prom will be released in the coming weeks when students and staff return from spring break.

To check out the Prom guidelines, visit the PHDMC site at: https://www.phdmc.org/coronavirus-updates/475-prom-guidance