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Riley Smith
Why, hello there! My name is Riley Smith, and this is my second year on The Flyer. English has always been one of my favorite subjects, and Flyer is an experience like no other. I have enjoyed learning journalism throughout the year and am excited to be returning to the staff! I am just as excited as I look in my bio picture, which is from my first day of school in kindergarten (in case you were wondering).
To be honest, most people know me because I’m with the band. I joined marching band freshman year and have been marching ever since. I am so excited for this year’s show, “Birds of A Feather…”. We’re going to kill the competition (figuratively)! Last year, I was a Section Leader of the clarinets, and this year I was chosen to be Woodwind Captain. I always have to remember, “With great power comes great responsibility.” But I’m allowed to mess around a little, too, right?
So as you can guess, band takes up a lot of my time. When I’m not working on band stuff, I like to read for pleasure, watch Dr. Who (or Sherlock every other year when it comes out with a new three-episode season), sleep, eat, shop and hang out with friends (band and non-band). Unfortunately, I often have a lot of homework and not too much time, but I can usually make time for my favorite stuff.
At school, I am involved in lots of clubs and organizations, including marching band, pep band, Wind Ensemble, Pit Orchestra for the Spring Musical, Octagon Club, Muse Machine, Spanish Club and National Honor Society. These things all take up a lot of time, too, but I absolutely love doing them. I enjoy the new experiences and I’m thankful to be a part of these groups.
I am so amazed to finally be a senior here at FHS! All of my friends and I are in denial (the river in Egypt). How did they trick me into thinking that four years was a long time? I think this will be a fantastic senior year.
I don’t know how everything always gets done, but it does. Hope school is going well for you, reader, and thanks for reading my bio! :)


Riley Smith, Flyer Staff

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Riley Smith