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  • NHS Induction Ceremony - April 21
  • Scholar Athlete Banquet - April 28
  • Exam Week - May 18-21
  • Cap & Gown Delivery - May 14
  • Graduation - May 20
  • Senior Awards Ceremony - May 14
  • Prom - April 25
  • Extended Advisory - March 12
  • Hope Week - April 6-10
  • Spring Break - March 16-20
  • Seniors last day - May 8th
Gabriel McLaughlin
Hello, my name is Gabriel McLaughlin and this is my first year on The Flyer. When I am not at this prison of a school I’m either in my bed watching Netflix or on the field marching with my sousaphone. I have two amazing sisters I love and an outstanding brother. I have been into band ever since sixth grade and am interested in becoming a band director one day. I have a crazy dog that always keeps the house crazy. I’m a quiet and shy kid unless you come up and talk to me, then you can’t get me to shut up. I’m crazy and insane in the membrane. I love to read creepy pastas; my favorites are Jeff the Killer, Laughing Jack, The Russian Sleep Experiment and Ben Drowned. I love to go on YouTube and watch gaming videos and listen to music. I love to get jiggy with it and am always hip dawg. I try to be friends with all my fellow youth. I have a really dark sense of humor and addicted to anime. I play Xbox constantly and can’t live without it. My secret life is being Slender Man and being a tree since I’m so tall. I am also Batman and I have a wonder sidekick Robin, and we save the day from boredom. You could say boredom is the “Bane” of my existence. Well, now that the bad jokes are over, that’s me basically.

Gabriel McLaughlin, Flyer Staff

The school newsmagazine of Kettering Fairmont High School.
Gabriel McLaughlin