The Flyer

2017-2018 Staff

Lyndsi Winfield

Staff Writer

Hey, my name is Lyndsi and this is my second year on The Flyer staff. Other than my obsession with ranch, I am just a normal sophomore. I am a Junior Varsity basketball cheerleader for this coming season, following my many years of cheering in the past. ...

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Jairi Walker

Staff Writer

Hi, my name is Jairi Walker. I am a sophomore and this is my first year on the Flyer staff. I’m on the swim team and the track and field team. The thing I enjoy most about being on the Flyer is taking pictures. 

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Nyana Haper


My name is Nyana Harper and I am one of the Editors-and-Chief this year. The C.I.A will not let me tell you any more information than that.

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Gabe Berlean

Sports Editor

Hi, my name is Gabe Berlean and I am the Sports Editor for the Flyer. I am a junior and this is my second year on the Flyer staff.  I am involved in the baseball and the Marketing program. My favorite sports teams are the Pittsburgh Steelers, Ohio S...

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Rebecca Ball


Hi my name is Rebecca Ball and I am one of the Editors-in-Chief for The Flyer. This is my second year on The Flyer and my first year as Editor-in-Chief. I absolutely love writing and always will. Outside of The Flyer, I play volleyball and I am a sett...

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Kaylee Anstaett

Fairmont Life & Social Media Director

Hi! My name is Kaylee Anstaett and I’m a junior. My title in the Flyer is Fairmont Life & Social Media Director. This is my second year on Flyer and I am glad to be back! I’m involved in many things at school such as class council, octagon club ...

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Sierra Allen

Staff Writer

Hi, my name is Sierra Allen and I’m a sophomore.  I’ve been in The Flyer for two years now. I absolutely love watermelon, noodles and cheese sticks. I’m a little socially awkward, but it’s alright. I love G Eazy, J. Cole and ASHLEY FRANGIPANE H...

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Edona Banulla

Chief Photographer

Hi my name is Edona and this is my second year on the Flyer. I am Chief Photographer and it's an amazing position. I always look forward to coming to this class every day of school. I'm very passionate about the pictures I take. I love taking picture a...

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