All Lives Matter

By Logan Smith, Sports Editor

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For hundreds of years there was hatred between the African and White American communities in the United States. This hatred stemmed from the lies that were told in the white South and the mistreatment of African American men and women.

Just so I am clear, I firmly do believe that before the Civil Rights Movement there were problems in the United States with racism and mistreatment toward African Americans, there is no questioning that.

Around 2013, a movement titled Black Lives Matter emerged after the shooting of Trayvon Martin. He was a supposed innocent black teen who was shot and killed by, as the media wanted to put it, a white man. In reality he is Hispanic, but that is beside the point.

As the story goes, Martin was walking down the street from a 7-Eleven doing nothing.

George Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch captain, called the police to report a suspicious person. After being instructed by police dispatch to not exit his vehicle, he disregarded their orders and confronted Martin.

No one really knows what happened that day except Zimmerman, but he claimed he shot Martin out of self defense, which is backed with proof.

When police arrived on the scene, Zimmerman had a broken nose and a deep cut in the back of his scalp. This provided evidence that Zimmerman was attacked by Martin considering no one else was on the scene.

The media did not point this out right away. They sent the message across as an innocent black teen shot and killed by a white man.

Black Lives Matter used this as leverage to gain a following. They believed the killing was a hate crime towards the entire black community.

Ever since its establishment, Black Lives Matter has been a platform for people to speak out against what they do or don’t believe in. But I don’t think, at this time, they’re handling their problems the way they should be.

I believe that the Black Lives Matter movement is wrong because of the way they send their message across. Violent riots and racist sayings make the movement as a whole look bad, in turn, making people like me not want to support it.

For example, the co-founder of the Black Lives Matter Louisville movement, Chanelle Helms stated, “White people, re-budget your monthly so you can donate to black funds for land purchasing,” on Aug. 16, 2017 after the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.

It is comments like this coming from leaders of the Black Lives Matter movement that make me turn away from supporting the group. Why would I, as a white person, want to support a movement that is telling me to change the way I spend my hard earned money?

Rude things like this are said about other races and then they turn around and claim they are fighting for equality. It does not make sense.

If equality is what they want, the name Black Lives Matter needs to be changed to All Lives Matter. It would come across much better and would be accepted by a lot more people.

How would it look if I came out and made a movement called White Lives Matter? It would not be okay. I would be attacked from all sides and called a racist because since I’m white, I already have it easy and don’t need to worry about anything, right?

But that is the society we live in, some people are allowed to do what they want and others are not. That goes in all directions.

Groups like Black Lives Matter want to be accepted by society, but they aren’t going to achieve that goal until they fix the way they send their message across.

Change the name to All Lives Matter.