FHS students’ artwork featured in TIGER calendar

FHS students' artwork featured in TIGER calendar

Junior Kylie Kaylor's art is featured on the cover, as well as being featured for the month of June.

By Tristan Buirley, Staff Writer

The Dyer, Garofalo, Mann & Schultz 2012 TIGER Safety Calendar is a result of the first TIGER Safety Calendar contest. In this contest, nearly 1,200 students from more than 75 schools entered a piece of art featuring a tiger, the symbol of Dyer, Garofolo, Mann & Schultz, and a safety lesson, like “stop, drop and roll” or “be careful while walking on ice.”

Fairmont juniors Kylie Kaylor and Morgan Goetz both had their artwork featured in the calendar and they each won $250. Kaylor’s art is featured on the cover and for the month of June, and Goetz’s art is featured for January. Freshman Joe Carroll won $25 and an Honorable Mention.