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Bob Dylan still can’t sing

By Alex Chuna, Staff Writer

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Before reading this review, it is important to note that I have always considered Bob Dylan a blight upon the music industry. I decided, however, to give his newest release, Tell Tale Signs, a listen. This album features unreleased and alternative versions of many of Dylan’s old songs, and the singer once again demonstrates his inability to actually sing a song. Instead, he reads or screeches his songs to unoriginal melodies. Tell Tale Signs is so horrible that I finally gave up listening around the fifth track. Dylan may have won the hearts and souls of millions, but his newest release destroyed mine.

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One Response to “Bob Dylan still can’t sing”

  1. Alex Boeckman on September 9th, 2009 10:41 am

    Bob Dylan revolutionized the face of music as we know it. It’s your own opinion to say that you don’t like his music, or you think he isn’t that great, but you must realize how much of an impact he has had on music! And to say that he was unoriginal!?!? Bob Dylan doesn’t have an amazing voice, I will admit that, but the voice isn’t what he was focusing on. He was focusing on changing peoples lives and opening their minds to what was really going on in the world, and that is exactly what he did. Whether you say he is a good artist or not, he was very original and very artistic, and those are the facts.

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Bob Dylan still can’t sing