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  • NHS Induction Ceremony - April 21
  • Scholar Athlete Banquet - April 28
  • Exam Week - May 18-21
  • Cap & Gown Delivery - May 14
  • Graduation - May 20
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  • Prom - April 25
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  • Seniors last day - May 8th

Borchers aims high in first year as Activities Director

By Natalie Wolfe, Editor-in-Chief

December 15, 2009

Some people have trouble figuring out what kind of job they’d like long after they’ve left high school. But even as a Fairmont student almost a decade ago, Jenny Borchers’ had her eye on the job of Activities Director. This...

Resolutions ring in the New Year, but for many the ringing quickly fades

By Molly Becker, Features Editor

December 11, 2009

With the turn of every New Year, we make New Year’s resolutions and promise ourselves that we will follow through and keep our pledges. But, oftentimes after a few weeks or months, our resolutions are pushed to the wayside. Fairmont...

Fairmont adds cameras, door numbers for security

By Paqui Toscano, Academics/Administration Editor

December 11, 2009

Anyone who’s walked through the halls of Fairmont recently has noticed new security measures in place. The numbers on the exterior doors can hardly be missed and the observant student who happens to look up at the right place...

FHS experiments with online class

By Paqui Toscano, Academics/Administration Editor

November 19, 2009

As the Internet becomes an even more crucial element of American society, Fairmont High School has jumped aboard the online bandwagon, following the suit of many colleges that already offer online classes. This past year, FHS...

Guys and girls perplex the opposite sex

By Justin Miles & Kaydee Miller, Staff Writers

November 19, 2009

If men are from Mars and women are from Venus, how in the world did they end up on the same planet together? Comparing males and females is like comparing apples and spinach. Unless you’ve got the right recipe, they just don’t...

Drug dog search turns up no problems at FHS

By Jessica Parrett, Editor-in-Chief

November 4, 2009

Drug dogs found no problems in a search of nearly a thousand student lockers at Fairmont High School in early October. But one good result doesn’t mean the administration is ready to abandon future searches. On Oct. 2 from...

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