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The Flyer offers online advertising that will help your business or organization reach the thousands of people who make up the Fairmont community of students, staff, alumni and parents!  Please read on for more information about our product and our audience, and consider the possibilities for your business or organization!


The Flyer serves approximately 2,500 teens, 200 teachers and staff, and countless other parents, alumni and community members in Kettering, Ohio, a suburb just south of Dayton.


Our website,, offers news, feature, sports and entertainment stories written by Flyer staff members, as well as photos from a wide variety of Fairmont and community events.  Our site also provides one-stop shopping for other Fairmont and district information by including links to the district’s online gradebook (for students, parents and teachers), the Athletic Department, and Fairmont’s Performing Arts.  In addition, we provide links to the Kettering City Schools website and other media outlets.  We even offer up-to-date weather information from The Weather Channel on our home page!

Our extensive and diverse content makes a popular destination for students, staff, parents and others in the community. The Flyer website attracted approximately 2,500 visitors each week this past school year!

We now offer four advertising spaces on our site.  For the rates listed on our contract, a business can be the exclusive advertiser in one of these spots for particular months, or get a 10 percent discount for being the exclusive advertiser for the entire year.  (Please note that for pricing purposes, we treat the months of June, July and August 2015 as a single month — what a deal!)

For a reduced price, an advertiser can elect to put his/her ad into a rotation in a particular spot; the ads will change every 10 seconds.  The Flyer will never schedule more that three ads for any one spot.  Click to see or print a contract that shows all of the ad sizes and prices, a diagram that matches ad names and locations, and ad deadlines for the 2015-16 school year.


For more information or to check on available ad space, please contact Adviser Lacy Drake at or at 937-499-1656.  We can also arrange for a Flyer staff member to visit you at your business.


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