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Why did The Flyer decide to go online?
Times are changing and we prefer to be ahead of the wave … or at least stay in the flow! The online newsmagazine is cheaper, cooler and can be updated more quickly. We used to have to charge a dollar or two to purchase our print edition, but the online edition is free to anyone with access to a computer. While we loved our printed magazine, we just could not afford to continue to print 44 pages each month. The same thing is happening to professional newspapers throughout the country. Young people prefer to get their information from the Internet. Oh, and we’ll save a few trees, too!

How can I purchase an ad or otherwise support The Flyer?
We LOVE this question!  Please go to the tabs marked “Advertise” and “Sponsors” for more information.

Even though we’re printing less, we still have many expenses associated with running a first-class program.  These include the cost of maintaining our website, the printing of the four-page Flyer each month, cameras, software, tuition for key staff to attend the High School Journalism Institute at Indiana University each summer, staff T-shirts, award banquets, and memberships in the Ohio Scholastic Media Association, the National Scholastic Press Association and Quill & Scroll International Journalism Honor Society.

Why isn’t my comment on a page?
A comment isn’t posted until The Flyer adviser approves it.  She either may have not reviewed your comment yet, or she felt your comment was inappropriate for publication. Free speech is cool. Trash talk on our site isn’t.

How do I get to be on The Flyer staff?
As a public high school with approximately 2,500 students, Fairmont has a wide variety of teens with different backgrounds, interests and aspirations. Since The Flyer attempts to include all FHS students in its audience, we believe The Flyer staff should likewise be diversified.  Therefore, we limit the basic requirements for becoming a staff member to:

  • a desire to work on a team;
  • a desire to learn and produce a quality publication; and
  • trustworthiness.

In addition, it is highly desirable for staff members to have successfully completed the one-semester Journalism course offered at Fairmont.  However, we believe requiring that every staff member complete Journalism would be limiting for both the students and The Flyer.  What of the student who is intensely interested in photography and has taken the Art Photo I, II, and/or III classes?  Or what about the student who aspires for a career in business or advertising and is taking classes in the Business Department?  In addition, some Art students have made major contributions to The Flyer through their illustrations and cartoons, even though they did not have room for Journalism in their schedules.

The choice of Flyer staff members is entirely up to the Adviser.  Being a Flyer staff member is a privilege that may be revoked if a student engages in unethical, illegal and/or unproductive behavior.

If you’re interested in joining The Flyer staff, click HERE to print an application; applications should be turned in to the Adviser in Room 121.  The Flyer Adviser first carefully considers this application, especially the last question, which asks the student why he/she wants to be on staff. The Adviser then seeks comments from faculty and staff regarding each applicant’s character, trustworthiness, and apparent desire to achieve.  If necessary, the Adviser may request an interview with an applicant before making a decision.

Is there a question you think should be added here?
If you have a question, email Adviser Lacy Drake at [email protected] or ask one of The Flyer staff members.  When a question is asked frequently, we’ll answer it here.

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