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2016-2017 Staff

Preston Collins


Hello, my name is Preston Collins and this is my second year on The Flyer staff. I am a Junior and The Flyer is one of the many activities that I am a part of. On top of being Editor-in-Chief this year, I am also Secretary of Junior Class Council, Pr...

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Kayla Martens

Chief Photographer

My name is Kayla Martens, you can call me K-Money. This is my second year on Flyer, I love to write and take pictures. My hobbies include softball and sleeping.  My favorite color is green and my favorite animal is a giraffe. I like to listen to a lot o...

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Jeff Allen

Sports Editor

My nickname is already labeled, so my name is Jeffery. This is my third year on Flyer, so I guess you could say Dalton Smith and I are the elders of Fairmont online journalism. I have an exquisite amount of sports knowledge, so if you disagree with my vie...

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Hailey Rowe

Photography Team

Hi, I am Hailey Rowe and this is my first year on The Flyer. I am very excited to be a member of The Flyer and to get to know Fairmont High School better. I am a sophomore and I am a part of Cross Country and Track and Field. I am a huge nerd! I lov...

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Sierra Stratton

Photography Team

Hey, What's up? This is my first year on The Flyer and I'm super excited to be a part of the team! I am on the Photography Team for The Flyer. I am a Junior this year and I started at Fairmont last year. I have two rats (weird right?) and 3 dogs. My favorite rappe...

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Brittney Caupp

Fairmont Life Editor

Hello my name is Brittney Caupp. I am a senior at Fairmont, this is my first year on staff. This year I am the Fairmont Life editor. Here at Fairmont I’m involved in the marketing career tech program, soccer, Younglife, track and field, DECA, FCCLA, ...

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Aly Whitman

Features Writer

Hey! My name is Aly Whitman and I'm a freshman. This is my first year on Flyer Staff. I am a member of the color guard at Fairmont and a cheerleader for basketball. In my free time I like to read and listen to music. I really like One Direction and f...

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Rebecca Ball

News editor

Hi my name is Rebecca Ball this is my first year on the Flyer. I am really excited to be on the Flyer. I’m a sophomore and I am the breaking news editor. I’m a setter on the JV volleyball team here at Fairmont. I work at my mom's business hear in Ke...

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Gabe Berlean

Sports Writer

Hi my name is Gabe. I am a sophomore at Fairmont and this is my first year doing Flyer. I play baseball for Fairmont. I am on the Sports Team for the Flyer. I like to play and watch sports. I like the Pittsburgh Steelers, Ohio State, and the Boston Red ...

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Kaylee Anstaett

Fairmont Life

Hi! My name is Kaylee Anstaett! I am a sophomore and this is my first year on the Flyer (I’m super excited). My position on staff is a social media director.  I’m a member of Class Council, Octagon Club, and German club. In addition, I play tenni...

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Haley Christian

Breaking News Team

Hey...I’m Haley Christian and I’m currently a senior at Fairmont. This year is my first year in Flyer and I’m very excited about it! I’m also a part of Fairmont Deca/marketing. I’m employed at Mama Disalvos. Every Thursday of the week I attend C...

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Edona Banulla

Sports Writer

Hey, you already know who it is. I’m a sophomore, this is my first year being on the Flyer. I play basketball and I am a student aide trainer for football. I hate people that chew loud, and talk and eat at the same, as well as when people ask you qu...

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Taylor Dillard

Photo Editor

This is my last year of high school. As an aspiring photographer, I’m taking Art Photo 1 and I’m the Photo Editor for The Flyer. After this year I plan on starting out at Sinclair, then going to the Art Academy of Cincinnati. When I’m not at school, I’m...

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Sierra Allen

Features Writer

Hey! I’m Sierra! I’m a freshman and I’m new to the Flyer this year. J-Dawg Money is my older brother. I don’t really have any hobbies, but I like Netflix a lot. Watermelon is my favorite. I REALLY love Halsey, Gerald, and Melanie Martinez. I don’t...

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Khrissa Bergman

Breaking News Team

This is my first full year at Fairmont and my first year on the Flyer. I work at Steak n’ Shake and they call me Hillbilly Khrissa because I’m from the hills of Kentucky. I’m actually also obsessed with Steak n’ Shake I live off of it. I like ...

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Nyana Harper

Features Writer

I’m a sophomore and this is my first year on the Flyer. I am on the Features Team. I played roller derby for 3 years and still love skating and playing scrimmages. I practice LED poi and hooping. I have two pet dogs named Skippy and Spencer. I hope to ...

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Zyad Ismael

Sports Writer

Hi my name is Zyad Ismael and its my first year in The Flyer sadly :). I am a senior at Fairmont and I plan to attend Sinclair Community College. I have one brother that has graduated from Fairmont and is now going to Sinclair. One of my hobbies are...

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Lyndsi Winfield

Breaking News Team

Hey, my name is Lyndsi, but you can call me Lyns. I´m a freshman, so this is my first year on the Flyer staff. I love taking pictures and cheerleading. I have been a Firebird Cheerleader my whole life, and this year I am a Fairmont Basketball Cheerl...

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Dalton Smith


Hi, I'm Dalton Smith and I am one of the Editors-in-Chief for The Fairmont Flyer. This is my fourth year on the Flyer staff and my second year as Editor-in-Chief. I was also the first freshman to ever be on staff, so everyone else in class pretty much...

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Lacy Drake


My name is Lacy Drake and this is my 2nd year as the adviser for The Flyer! I am a proud Alum of Fairmont High School (class of 2006). During my time at Fairmont, I was the Sports Editor for The Flyer. I am extremely excited to be at FHS working in th...

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Alexis Massey

Sports Writer

My name is Alexis Massey, you can call me Lex, and I am a member of The Flyer staff. This is my second year and I’m really excited to be a part of this team. When I think of myself, I think of sports and food. If you don’t like sports, you are simp...

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Noah Landis

Features Editor

Hey, I’m Noah Landis. I’m a Senior and the Features Section Editor for The Flyer. I love biking. This summer I biked 344 miles in a week from Pittsburgh to D.C. When I’m not biking, I’m probably hanging out with friends and playing basketball...

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Ryan Bergstrom

Photography Team

Hey, my name is Ryan Bergstrom. I’m a senior and this is my second year on The Flyer staff. My favorite classes are The Flyer and Interactive Media because I love working with the technology and learning both sides of media, as well as taking pictures...

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The school newsmagazine of Kettering Fairmont High School.